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Committee Descriptions

Advisory:  ensure all concerns, questions, and perspectives of MRID members are heard and shared with the MRID Board of Directors and to establish an ongoing connection with representatives from various communities in order to maintain and develop stronger relationships within the MRID community. The committee will meet electronically via video conferencing four times each calendar year under the direction of the Membership Director. The Membership Director may communicate with committee members outside of the meeting dates if there are any time-sensitive questions/concerns that need to be discussed. (

Bylaws: oversee any legal changes to the organizational structure of MRID.    (

The Bylaws Committee is responsible to:

  • Maintain and update the MRID Bylaws and Policies and Procedures.
  • Prepare proposed amendments for President and Board to review prior to the Fall Conference.
  • Prepare rationales for suggested amendment changes for the membership.
  • Respond to questions that arise from the Board and Membership regarding the MRID Bylaws the Policies and Procedures.

Camp ASL:  Organizes a 3 day silent weekend for students, interpreters, teachers, deaf community, and anyone else wanting to experience a voices-off all-ASL retreat.   (

Communications:  Gets the word out to our MRID list-serv about upcoming discussions, recruiting, information, etc.    (

Conference/Forums:  design, organize, and host professional development/networking opportunities that serve all interpreters and deaf community in the state of Minnesota.

Educational Interpreters: provide support and professional development opportunities specifically for interpreters that work in the Educational setting.    (

The Educational Interpreters Committee is responsible to:

  • Develop an informational page on the MRID website regarding K-12 and Post Secondary educational interpreter certification requirements for Minnesota.
  • Develop an informational page on the website that provides guidance for new interpreters regarding current practices in the field including links to the National RID.
  • Develop an informational page on the website regarding current expectations from districts that includes work contracts, benefits and union information.
  • Develop and monitor an online community for educational interpreters to dialogue regarding issues that arise in educational interpreting.
  • Explore how MRID can be more supportive of educational interpreters.

Freelance:  promote among its members regular and active participation, state representation, support and nurturing for personal and professional growth; and a vehicle for new members of the Freelance Community to be welcomed into the field.    (

The Freelance Committee is responsible to:

  • Plan meetings regarding logistics, including room set up
  • Schedule presenters and interpreters
  • Take minutes and disseminate
  • Facilitate meetings
  • Respond to emails
  • Organize two yearly events: Holiday Party and Graduation Party

Fundraising: ensure the successful endeavors of MRID and to promote MRID as a professional organization.  The Fundraising Committee is committed to maintaining a stable financial base for the professional interpreting organization through merchandise sales, special fundraisers, etc.    (

The Fundraising Committee is responsible to:

  • Research and propose fundraising opportunities
  • Prepare a budget and proposal and submit to Board of Directors
  • Coordinate and staff the fundraising opportunities
  • Prepare reports of activity for Board of Directors and membership

Licensure:  Ad-hoc committee established in 2019 for the investigation of the potential of interpreter licensure in the state of Minnesota. The committee will collaborate with MADC as appropriate. The composition of the committee shall be made up of at least 50% deaf interpreters.

Membership: registers and maintains valid memberships to MRID.   (

This includes:

  • promote and recruit members
  • keeping an up to date roster of current members and maintain archives of past members 
  • annually provide a roster to RID
  • provide a current roster to the MRID fall conference planners for verification of registering members
  • work directly with the Secretary to verify valid membership for voting purposes 
  • during the annual business meeting 
  • any other time that requires membership voting
  • recognize members for milestones during the annual fall conference/business meeting

Membership Co-Chairs

Nicole Thornberg

Carly Fischbeck

Nominations: convenes once a year (a few months prior to the annual Fall Conference) to seek out candidates who would be willing and capable to serve on the MRID Board of Directors.    (

Professional Development: works throughout the year as a liaison between MRID and RID to provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) to MRID’s membership.   (

The PDC is responsible to:

  • Respond in a timely manner to inquiries from members, interpreters and organizations requesting sponsorship of CEU’s.
  • Determine what can be approved for Professional Studies and what can be approved for General Studies.
  • Approve plans for Independent Studies
  • Process all categories of CEU’s for individual MRID members, non-members and requesting organizations.
  • Coordinate and process CEU’s for all of the MRID workshops and conferences
  • Maintain required paperwork and prepare for audits as requested by RID.
  • Develop the processes needed to approve CEU’s for hybrid workshops, which include online and in-person participants.

Public Policy: engage MRID members in active participation in relevant legislative and public policy initiatives.    (

The Public Policy Committee is responsible to:

  • Legislation and public policies that protect the communication interests of deaf, deaf-blind and hard of hearing individuals
  • Promoting the use of qualified interpreters
  • Advance the profession of sign language interpreting in Minnesota
  • Convenes as needed

Update:  create a publication which will be published electronically as a member-only benefit and which will consist of advertising events from the community, updates from the organization, articles submitted by members, member spotlights, etc.     (

Research Committee (ad hoc): charged with researching issues, as requested by the board, that are impacting current events in the community.    (

In order to fulfill that charge the committee:

  • Performs interviews
  • Seeks out content experts in any given topic
  • Uses past and present periodicals
  • Reads research articles
  • Finds credible online resources

Scholarship:  responsible for soliciting and screening scholarship applications. The committees then choose recipients for each award.    (

Website: the MRID’s website ( is updated and maintained by this committee.    (

The Website Committee is responsible to:

    • Provide Membership Support
    • Profile assistance
    • Password resets
    • Provide Event Support
    • Create event page and registration form
    • Update community calendar
    • Submit registration reports
    • Maintain Website
    • General information updates
    • Upload meeting minutes and newsletters
    • Complete Board delegated projects
    • Standard Operating Procedure: Event Management
    • Social Media Campaign
    • Update archives

Committee hours fluctuate depending on the need. 

Committee members must be in good standing with MRID and RID. 

For further details about committee responsibilities please refer to the Policy and Procedure Manual

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