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MRID Update
MRID Update's May-Jun 2018 edition

MRID Committees

Thank you to all of our committee members, past and present!

Below is a list of our active committees and participating members.
Remember, this is your organization! If you are interested, please get involved!

Committee Chairs

Standing Committees Chair **   Ad Hoc
Chair **
Bylaws vacant   Educational Interpreters Jenee Petri, Cari Sibenaller
Nicole Thornberg, Carly Fischbeck   Freelance vacant
Professional Development Kari Brecht, Melissa Barq   Nominations  
Scholarship Julie Bauch,
Jodi Monson
  Public Policy Convenes as needed


Fall Conference


David Evans
UPDATE Sydney Groven
Website  Dee Ramnarine 

Camp ASL


 Click here for a description of committees. (Or click on the name of the committee above.)


** Can't link to the email addresses for Committee Chairs?  Click here for a list of MRID emails.

General Information

The MRID committees’ function is to serve as the hands of the organization and to do the business of MRID, providing programs and services for its members and implementing policies set by the MRID Board of Directors (BoD).

The MRID committees should follow best practices that are established by the MRID BoD.

All committee business is conducted in accordance with the MRID Bylaws and policies.

Committees should review MRID’s philosophy and mission statements and develop a mission statement for their committee in line with MRID and their strategic planning.

Every committee’s job description and its assigned tasks should be submitted to the MRID BoD. The job description spells out what are the responsibilities of the committees as well as applicable constraints and expectations. A mutual decision making process should be used to assure that everyone has a clear idea of direction. Although committees do not have the authority to make policy changes established by the BoD, recommendations should be brought before the board for further discussion and direction.

MRID committees are vital to the success of the organization. Each committee serves its own purpose and is made up of interpreters in the field.  Committee participation is on a volunteer basis and involvement is not compensated. However, some committees may offer discounted and/or waived fees for workshops, etc. as an incentive for participation.

Some committees need broad representation while others function well with a smaller group or one person.

In addition some specific issues are assigned to a task force. Upon its conclusion, it makes a report and recommendation to the MRID BoD and it is dissolved.

Committee chairs must be in good standing with MRID and RID. Committee members must be in good standing with the MRID.