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Member cycle July 1- June 30

MRID is your voice in Minnesota, your opportunity to affect change, while furthering not only your personal growth but also that of the field of interpreting.

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PLEASE... if you do not remember your login information, email us at membership@mrid.org before you attempt a new profile.  

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*Are you changing membership types? (i.e., a student that has graduated or an associate member that became certified) Use the following instructions to update your membership type:
  • Do not use the Renewal Form above; instead:
  • Login to the website using your current username and password.
  • Go to the "Become a Member Page" and click on the form of the membership type that you are switching to.
  • Your profile information will auto populate; update any outdated information and submit the form.
  • Your username and password will remain the same; your membership type will be updated accordingly.
(If you are renewing your membership, your website login will remain the same. If you are a new member and join by clicking on "Become a Member", you will receive a username and password for the website sent to the email address you list as you register.)

If you have any questions please email us at membership@mrid.org