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Thanks for stopping by! Perhaps you’ve heard the buzz about MRID Educational Interpreters’ Committee (EIC) getting back up and running. It’s true! The EIC is enthusiastically moving forward with various projects and initiatives to bring together educational interpreters and all those who are vested in enhancing educational interpreting services.

We mean YOU!

Please watch this introductory vlog which lays out what the EIC is, who we are, why we’re here, what we’ll do, and how to participate. Watch for monthly publications and other pertinent information related to educational interpreting to be posted on our blog and archived on this site moving forward.

We look forward to our collaboration in this great comm-YOU-nity!

Or find it amongst all of MRID's videos at MRID'S Vimeo page.

~ Jenee Petri-Swanson and Cari Sibenaller, EIC co-chairs 


Purpose: This online community is hosted by MRID’s Educational Interpreters Committee (EIC) in an effort to support, serve, and bring together our great community of educational interpreters. This platform is meant to draw the community’s attention to issues related to educational interpreting and to foster dialogue on those issues. We hope that the increased communication, collaboration, and transparency this venue provides will advance educational interpreting services and lead to meaningful and equitable access for all D/DB/HH students receiving those services.

What to expect: The Educational Interpreters Committee (EIC) will produce a monthly publication (article or vlog) related to issues of educational interpreting which will be posted to the Educational Interpreters' Blog. Monthly publications will be authored by a variety of community members including interpreters (Deaf/hearing, novice/seasoned), educators, administrators, Deaf community members. They will provide diverse perspectives on a wide breadth of topics affecting educational interpreters (K-12 and postsecondary). The EIC will also develop this portion of the MRID website to be an in-depth resource for educational interpreters regarding laws, regulations, and other impacting information. If you have questions you'd like to address to other members in the educational community, feel free to post in the forum.

Who should join: All who are invested in educational interpreting services: Interpreters, Transliterators, Educators, Students, Deaf and signing community members, Parents, Mentors, Administrators, and more.

Who to contact with questions: Educational Interpreters Committee [email protected] 

Jenee Petri-Swanson, co-chair

Katie Lyles, co-chair

Cari Sibenaller, supporting member 


MRID’s Educational Interpreting Community’s Tips for Fair Play


MRID has created the Education Forum and Educational Interpreters' Blog as a platform to host our community for dialogue about issues facing educational interpreters and those who we serve. We value your input. As we engage with each other through this forum, let us keep the following in mind:


The Educational Interpreter Community forum on mrid.org is not formally moderated, however, we do pay close attention and will respond accordingly. We reserve the right to edit or delete comments and users who are not posting in accordance with the following.


“SPEAK FROM THE I” Share your own experience, and let others tell their own stories if/when they choose. It is okay to share how another’s story impacted you, but omit revealing details.


BE PROFESSIONAL Maintain confidentiality and adhere to RID’s CPC. You are accountable to the words you speak/type/sign here. There is no anonymous posting.


“ASSUME POSITIVE INTENT”  In this forum, we will tackle issues that are challenging to discuss. It’s possible you may find yourself feeling sensitive or offended as you read articles, watch vlogs, or peruse comments. When this happens, we ask that you pause...and not jump to judgment. Remind yourself of the site disclaimer and that we are all responding based on our previous experience. Try to assume the person has a positive intention.


“CHALLENGE BY CHOICE” If you like, feel free to challenge each other through the comment space provided on this site. We all grow and expanding our understanding by seeing diverse perspectives. There is room for disagreement here! If you’re feeling up for the challenge, we invite the constructive dialogue. Remember to take care of yourself as we push to advance our dialogue. If it’s best you ‘sit out’ this time, that’s okay too.


“OFFER UPGRADES” One way to help push our community dialogue forward is through “offering upgrades.” If you read something you disagree with, it is a great service to reply by reframing the way something is stated. Let us lift each other up as we keep climbing to new heights!


"IMPACT VS. INTENT" If someone responds to your post stating that they take offense, you may be tempted to say, "Well, I didn't mean it that way." But our impact may be different than our intent. When it is brought to your attention that your words have negatively impacted someone, seek to understand their perspective. A little empathy goes a long way, even when we have to agree to disagree.